Sh*t Cosplayers Say

Ep8: Wholesome Content: The Kids are Alright

April 05, 2020 La Vie Cosplay Season 1 Episode 8
Sh*t Cosplayers Say
Ep8: Wholesome Content: The Kids are Alright
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Children plus costumes can equal some truly heartwarming experiences. Let’s get that wholesome content goodness going to warm your hearts as we take a look at a collection of our stories and stories from our listeners on interactions with children and cosplay.
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Ep 8: Wholesome Content: the Kids Are Alright

(Upbeat Intro Music Plays)

Elle 0:15 

(sings in blues clues theme song) We just signed a contract we just signed a contract we just signed a contract I wonder who it's from 

Ash 0:25 

no ideas probably not that calm that we've been talking about signing a contract with forever

Elle 0:30 

I mean it couldn't possibly be that con that convention that we've been waiting for ever for to sign a contract

Ash 0:40 

 is that I'm gonna have to go and cosplay the musical to

Elle 0:43 

I feel like especially with our adventures and contracts from this year it definitely shows so hello everyone welcome to shit cosplayers say 

Ash 0:59 

welcome back. 

Elle 1:00 

We did, in fact sign our contract with anime Iowa. So we will be doing shit cosplayers say live at Anime Iowa.

And we will be doing the 10 minute skit live at Anime Iowa 2020. 

Ash 1:21 

As you should

Elle 1:22 

As we should 

Ash 1:25 

just remember anime Iowa, you asked for this.

Elle 1:29 

 That is accurate. This is not our fault. 

Ash 1:33 

I'm really excited. 

Elle 1:34 

Me too. I can't wait to get back and do thing. 

Ash 1:41 

Yes. Summer Why are you so far away?

Elle 1:44 

I know Right?

Well, and I mean, it has been nice to see some of these online conventions popping up during this time. 

Ash 1:53 

Yeah, that's kind of fun. I've seen several of them pop up. And they'll typically have a little bit of a different spin to them. So they're all just more of the same, which is really nice. So they all kind of have a different I think focus. And you can kind of tell what the focus is by who organized the event, you can tell that the cosplay related online cons are a little bit more cosplay focused or run by cosplayers. The ones that are more vendor and artist focused are organized by vendors and artists. So and the people that just are really itching for the panel programming are people that utilize that and their regular con experience. So that's kind of fun. Just seeing a little bit of everything.

Elle 2:33 

 I mean, it is unfortunate that because we are both still working, we haven't been able to participate in any of these online conventions.

Ash 2:41 

 Nope, I still get to go to work every day at my place of employment. 

Elle 2:47 

I get to go to work every day from home, which is not as nice as you may think it sounds. And the challenge is an I don't obviously like to say a lot of direct information about what I do for the protection of my clients. But occupational therapy is a very hands on visual type profession. And now we are trying to do our work without those visual mediums and working with people who aren't used to us calling them outside of the facility I work for. So it's just been a really big challenge to get all of that organized and follow the state requirements that we have to follow. So I have not touched cosplay since this whole thing began. 

Ash 3:37 

No, I think I've thought about buying fabric and that's pretty much the extent of me thinking about anything sewing or crafting related, including cosplay at the 

Elle 3:49 

I put some beads on Judar I think that's about as far as I got. 

Ash 3:52 

There you go. Baby steps.

Elle 3:55 

 It's it's something I mean, I got to Animal Crossing. So I get to join all of you in the Animal Crossing craze now. I'm still working on my island. My islands name is Ambredad because we used a random name generator. And that was the best one. 

Ash 4:15 

Okay, then.

Elle 4:16 

 So my live on Ambredad Island in Animal Crossing.

Ash 4:23 

Oh good,

Elle 4:24 

I have not yet signed up for Nintendo online, but at some point I will so I can come and visit people's islands. But I've never played Animal Crossing before. So I'm still kind of figuring out how this weird game works. It's a very strange game. I mean, I love Harvest Moon so I'm sure I will get into it as we go. 

Ash 4:44 

I do love me some Harvest Moon.

Elle 4:46 

 It's very Harvest Moon ish.

Ash 4:49 

 At the moment, I'm replaying one of my Final Fantasy games. So that's fun. 

Elle 4:55 

Waiting for seven to come out?

Ash 4:57 

Waiting for seven to come out. Well and I'm torn because I was specifically waiting for the Final Fantasy seven remake to buy a PlayStation four, because I don't have one. And I'm like, but I just know that they're gonna come out with a special edition one just for FF seven remake. And I actually haven't seen any advertisements for that, which makes me extra sad. but on the same token, I know that the PS five is supposed to be backwards compatible all the way back. And I'm like, oh, but, but PS five, but it's so far away. So I don't know. But I don't have a ps4 right now. So even when the remake comes out, like next week, I'm going to have to go get a console. But some would argue that going shopping for a video game console is a non essential purchase and probably shouldn't be made during this time period.

Elle 5:50 

 I did curbside pickup at Best Buy to get Animal Crossing.

Ash 5:55 

 That's fair. 

Elle 5:56 

It literally took five minutes. It was the smoothest, most organized process I think I've ever been involved in. 

Ash 6:03 

I had to do curbside pickup with my dog the other day. 

Elle 6:06 

Oh, I had to do that with my cat because I took her to get her teeth cleaned. And they came into my car and got her out of the car. And then they brought her to my car afterward. 

Ash 6:15 

That was a really similar experience. I took my dog to the vet, they came and got her they took her inside. They called me to make all the arrangements, ask some questions, take my payment and then brought her back with a little goodie bag to the vehicle but I'm 99.9% sure they forgot to give me my rabies tag. 

Elle 6:32 

Oops. You know how you get like the little kit after you go to the dentist with like the toothbrush and the toothpaste and stuff? 

Ash 6:39 


Elle 6:40 

my cat got one. 

Ash 6:41 

Oh, Anya got one too. They gave her these really really expensive dental chews, but they make her mouth smell minty fresh. 

Elle 6:48 

Oh, really? That's probably good for your dog. Her breath smells pretty bad.

Ash 6:53 

She really likes to, Well, most dogs, she really likes to get up in your face. She wants to stick her tongue in your mouth, which is just the most disgusting thing ever. But I love her so I don't fault her for it. 

Elle 7:05 

Well, no, she's super cute. I will also let her do it. But you know...

Ash 7:09 

 but not right now. Because social distance, 

Elle 7:11 

Well right we have to social distance with the dogs

Ash 7:13 

 sorry, you can't French kiss my dog at about six, six feet at all times. 

Elle 7:19 

Our separation anxiety is going to get worse than it ever has before because in our area. This has been extended for at least five more weeks, but we're thinking it's going to be longer. So this will definitely be the longest we have ever gone without physically seeing each other. 

Ash 7:37 

That is accurate. It will be the longest period. So strange.

Elle 7:42 

 It's crazy. 

Ash 7:43 

I know weird to think about but I mean, well, we'll survive.

And I really just want to break into song. But I wont

Elle 7:50 

I will survive

Ash 7:54 

know how to love I know I'll stay alive. 

Elle 7:56 


Ash 7:59 

That's pretty much my entire day at work. And somebody will say like a random quote. And then depending on who's in the room, at least one other person will start just reciting song lyrics. And you can tell who gets it and who's just totally done with our shit. Because some people will then continue it around the room and other people will go. Just kind of to say, why are you guys like this? Why are you in our office? Please leave?

Elle 8:24 

 That's because our lives are musical.

It's true.

I mean, you gotta you gotta find the joy when you're in weird situations like we all are now. 

Ash 8:36 

Oh, I totally wore my essential employees shirt to work the other day.

Elle 8:39 

 That's amazing. 

Ash 8:41 

I know. Well, in coincidentally, it was the same day that they handed out PPE for us to wear. And inadvertently I had a coordinated without knowing because the color of my shirt is blue. And I was wearing a white overlay with dress slacks and boots just to kind of dress it up a little bit. And they gave us white masks and blue gloves. So I was definitely coordinated from head to toe in my essential employees shirt. I found great joy in it and so did everyone else. 

Elle 9:14 

That is amazing.

Ash 9:17 

 I thought so. 

Elle 9:18 

But like those those small joys are what you have to hold on to in all of this crazy. We actually went back and changed our entire episode lineup to try to bring you guys more heartwarming and uplifting content as we go through kind of this crazy stressful time. 

Ash 9:41 

Yeah, because there's too much stress and too much negative and his world right now we have to find some joy and humor somewhere. And if you can find it here with us, then we're happy to provide it for you.

Elle 9:51 

 So we are hoping to spread the joy but we are gonna need your guy's help with that a

little bit.

I'm sure we're not the only ones who have started taking social media breaks, particularly from Facebook, because I know I personally can't handle the inundation of just all of the news and all of the media, particular that comes through Facebook. And I know a lot of other people are taking social media breaks to. The downside for podcasts is that's how we primarily advertise the existence of our shows. So when people are taking massive social media breaks, they don't see your podcast. So it would be awesome if you guys could subscribe to the podcast so that it automatically downloads for you every week. It also be great if you can tell your friends about it and kind of share the knowledge of our silly little podcast that is here to kind of just give you guys some entertainment. But it would really help us as we're in this kind of struggle right now with podcasts as a whole kind of getting kind of starting to fall into this almost freeze mode. Because people listen to podcasts commuting to work while they're working, doing all these things. And all of that has changed so much that a lot of people aren't listening anymore. So if you guys could help us out, we would really appreciate it. And we will try to bring you some joy in response. like today's episode, which is all about kids and cosplay. 

Ash 11:37 

Yeah, if this doesn't give you the warm and fuzzies I don't know what will, 

Elle 11:41 

we are going for that wholesome content people. So I'm sure that a lot of you have had run ins with children and cosplay. Whether you're the one in cosplay, the kids are one in cosplay, or both of you. And I, as I mentioned in our CTE two episode, and I'm a complete sucker for kids. It's true, it's just I can't, I can't help it. If there is a kiddo, I am going to play into it. Because kids just they are still at that ability where like, all of the imagination in the play is still very real to them. 

Ash 12:23 


Elle 12:24 

and that ability to play with that. It's just so much fun. And as a theatre person, like we don't lose that, like a lot of adults do. And so I love to encourage that in children because it's such an important thing to hold on to. But as we know, a lot of adults, they kind of lose that sense of play as they get older, not cosplayers necessarily. Because cosplay is kind of part of that retaining that play. 

Ash 12:53 

And I will say the one thing, especially with dealing with small children, and cosplay, like Elle said, they still have that imagination, and they hold on to that magic a lot longer. So there's no kind of suspension of disbelief for them, you could potentially be in that person's eyes, Santa Claus, for example. Or they might be scared of you if you're dressed as a villain. Or if you're a Disney Princess, they might find you to be their new best friend. I know that especially Disney characters will get a lot of the kiddo interactions just because they're so well known. So princesses, and Jack Sparrow are typically the ones that I see the most superheroes in general, especially if you're more mainstream, like your DC Marvel characters are gonna get a lot of love from the kiddos. And not necessarily even just people that are attending events that you might be at, but also just who happened to be in the proximity, you'll get a lot of love. We've gotten love while we were walking to a food court before. So I mean, it's out there, and they can see you as real for what you are. So try to remember that and your interactions with them. Because it's important to them, that you are who they think that you are. 

Elle 14:08 

So whenever we interact with the kiddos, we try to keep that illusion as active as we can. Because we know that, you know, it's it's important to the kids. I mean, that's why like when we were at C2E2, even though I had no voice, I still did my Harley voice and I still acted like Harley with the little Harley, because I didn't want to break that illusion and that sense of reality for her. And the joy on her face was worth every minute of effort that I had to put in to do that. And that's really like what it is guys is you know if you can maintain a little bit of that play and that illusion you're going to bring so much joy to a child.

Ash 14:54 

I think that my absolute favorite thing when we are at a con is when we are dressed as miraculous. And we see those like three to five year olds. Like it just makes my heart melt and especially if their parents haven't noticed it almost makes it better because you'll get the kid that's like looking and like tugging on dad shirt and just kind of like staring at you and you get down on their level with them on the floor and talk to them and it's just the coolest thing since sliced bread for them and they just like stare at you with all this odd wonder. 

Elle 15:26 

Do you remember this, the sisters when we first did miraculous 

Ash 15:31 

Oh, the first time we did miraculous the first time we did miraculous I was dressed as Marinette Du Panchang who is the secret identity of Ladybug. *gasp*, but I was walking around with a girl as her partner Cat Noir. And yes, there were these super cute little girls in the lobby of the hotel that we were staying at. And they just ate it all up. 

Elle 15:58 

Well, cuz it was their mom that brought them over to talk to me, right? Because they wanted to talk to me, but like they were afraid to like come over. 

Ash 16:07 

Yes. And Elle was hamming it up big time, calling them purrr princesses as you do, 

Elle 16:14 


Ash 16:16 

But then, of course, my absolute favorite part after that is kind of like across the way near the elevator. A ladybug cosplayer walks by and mom goes, Oh, look, honey, it's Ladybug, and the youngest got this disgusted look on her face. I just got mad. And then looked at the ladybug, and then looked at mom and then looked at me. And then looked at Elle as Cat Noir and just shook her head like, no. *laughs* That's not Ladybug. Obviously, this is Ladybug. 

Elle 16:51 

They might that might be one of my favorite interactions of all time. 

Ash 16:55 

That's probably one of my favorite interactions of all time, other than when we were dressed as superheroes with Larire. And the little kids wanted to come and give us hugs. Oh, yes, that me. That also just gives me the like way. Absolutely. You're gonna make me cry. But I will definitely give you a hug it be your best friend. 

Elle 17:16 

They always want the hugs. I remember back like, throw it way back, like 10 plus years ago, at least 10 plus years ago, if not further. I was dressed as Rinoa I think I may have been at Acen. And I had a tiny Squall come up to me and want to like, take pictures with me and talk to me and he had to be like seven. 

Ash 17:43 

That is the most precious.

Elle 17:45 

 And he has his costume was really good. I do remember that he had like the little sword and everything. He was the cutest thing I've ever seen. But All he wanted was to take pictures with me. He was so excited to find a Rinoa to take pictures. 

Ash 18:01 

That's adorable. So it reminds me of that scene in Robin Hood with a little bunny that is pretending to be Robin Hood. And then they actually accidentally like run into Maid Marian. And then they play pretend 

Elle 18:14 

Yes. So wholesome. 

Ash 18:18 

Yep, it gives my heart joy.

Elle 18:20 

 I know they're just so darn cute. 

Ash 18:23 

Well, and even now like whenever I play my mama Midoriya and the little, my hero cosplayers, like come up and I just mom them and they just eat it. They just eat it out of the palm of my hand because they just they're so into it.

Elle 18:36 

 We just said Ash around to mom, everyone when she's dressed as Inko because it's very, very appropriate. 

Ash 18:46 

It's totally required. I love momming them anyway, because I am also a con mom. And they just they love it. 

Elle 18:54 

It's very cute. I also remember the time that I got off the elevator dressed as Adrian and passed two like seven eight year old girls with their jaws dropped.

Ash 19:08 
 That's because Adrian is dreamy 

Elle 19:10 

well and then they turned their dad and they were like it's Adrian. And so I had to stop and ask them where Marionette was because I couldn't find Marionette and they both they said nothing. Like these two little girls are just sitting there like slack jawed and they both just like shrug. And I'm like, Well, if you see her, let me know. Okay, and they just kind of nodded at me and kept walking

Ash 19:33 

They were starstruck

Elle 19:34 

 I know cuz it was 

Ash 19:35 

you're a famous model.

Adrian,the fragrance, 

Elle 19:40 

Adrian, we still need to do that photo shoot, please. Adrian the fragrance.

Ash 19:46 

 I think we just need to do all of the Adrian photoshoots so that eventually we could do a trouble maker photoshoot of like me and my room. With all of your fashion posters on the wall.

Elle 19:57 

 Please make that happen

Ash 19:59 

 I think we should 

Elle 20:00 

 I need that in my life?

Ash 20:02 

 Because I just sounds like a good time. 

Elle 20:04 

Which photographer is gonna volunteer for this because we need this in our lives, guys, 

Ash 20:08 

I feel we're gonna probably need several if we're gonna do a bunch of fashion shoots

Elle 20:12 

 that's true. So if you want to do miraculous Adrian fashion shoots, let us know cuz I feel like we need to have this in our lives.

Ash 20:22 

 I think it sounds like a great plan. 

Elle 20:23 

I think it's absolutely necessary. So this is actually our first episode, where we have multiple listeners submissions,

Ash 20:35 

 you didn't even have to wait until after Episode 10. No surprise, 

Elle 20:39 
we were originally going to try to hold out on some of these listener episodes and things. But we felt like this topic was more than appropriate for right now. Bring some of that wholesome goodness to all of you. So we have four listeners stories that we're going to talk about today that were very kindly submitted by a few different people. If you want to submit your own listener story, you can either email it to us at Or you can dm us on social media, because I've actually figured out how to copy and paste from Instagram. So it's not nearly as difficult for me to organize things as I once thought. So if social media is easier for you, feel free to send us things there. I am currently trying to collect some stories or crazy questions in relationship to cosplay dye, jobs gone wrong. So 

Ash 21:49 


Elle 21:49 

 if you have a story, or have heard a story about cosplay dye jobs gone wrong, you can email us or dm us that content and we will be more than happy to take it. We are also trying to collect more listener stories in relationship to pets. So if you've got a fun pet story, send us our way. 

Ash 22:15 

I also think with everything that's going on right now, it would be fun if you guys want to send us some of the stuff that you've seen your local communities doing and response to the crisis that we're currently in as a globe. Because I've seen a lot of good coming out of the cosplay community right now, whether it be donations or education, or hosting online events, because physical events have been canceled. If you guys want to send that in, I would love to hear what people are doing in your neck of the woods. Because it just, it's really great to see how everybody is kind of coming together and becoming more close knit as a community than I think that we have been in a while. They always say that a crisis will show you both the best and the worst of the people around you. And I think that we're definitely seeing a lot of great come out of the cosplay community as a whole right now. 

Elle 23:09 

Well, speaking of greatness, let's get on with this wholesome content.

Ash 23:15 

 Alrighty, and we will be sure to go ahead and link as appropriate on our Instagram posts for this episode for these people been super shout out to you for sharing your lovely stories with us. But let's move on to story number one. So story number one comes from jynxtsilevon once I was dressed as Modoka, I had a little girl come up to me and say you are the prettiest princess I've ever seen. She made her mom bow to me then gave me half of an eating french fry. It's the only time I've been excited to receive soggy food. That is precious. And the fact that she made her mom bow just makes it even better. 

Elle 24:02 

There's a thing like kids, they always try to share their food with you. 

Ash 24:06 

Oh, yes. 

Elle 24:08 

Like that.

Ash 24:08 


Elle 24:09 

 It's just a thing with children in general, particularly young children. If they like you, they always try to share their food with you. 

Ash 24:17 

Um, the first time that I met one of my very, very close friends sons. He came up to me and he was one and a half. And he told me you're my best friend and then tried to give me his half eaten sucker and I was like, you can keep it but you're my best friend too.

Elle 24:36 

Well, and I think its just, you know, they like the food so they want to share it with you. It's like their way of saying well, I like you too. 

Ash 24:45 

Yep. And if you're listening to the story, I did just totally tell that over the internet for everyone to hear and I still love you so there and you can still keep your sucker because I don't want it

Elle 24:59 

 but they wanted you to Have it. 

Ash 25:01 

Yeah, he got to keep it. I think he ended up throwing it away. But that's okay. That was a long time ago. 

Elle 25:08 

Well, it's kind of like, well, it's always interesting to see like how the parents react to

Ash 25:15 

well, and I appreciate it whenever the parents kind of get behind it. Like, mom obviously gave in and bowed. Because I know parents that wouldn't do that. They would just kind of dismiss it. And I, it makes me sad. But then we have the flip side of the spectrum, where you're a little Harley that we had a C2E2, her parents were totally into it and also dressed as Batman villains.

Elle 25:39 

 I still have interactions with mom on Instagram.

Ash 25:44 


Elle 25:47 

We're hoping that at some point, we all go to the same con again, so we can be reunited. Because I guess she still talks about me. 

Ash 25:56 

That's precious. And I love it. 

Elle 25:57 

She likes to look through mom's phone and see the photos from C2E2. 

Ash 26:02 

The ones that we took of the two of you?

Elle 26:04 


Ash 26:05 

That's super cute.

Elle 26:06 

 Oh, so wholesome I can't handle it.

Ash 26:09 

 Yeah, if mom ever reaches out and says that we're going to the same con well, to make sure that you take Harley with you to that one. 

Elle 26:16 

Absolutely. I will do that in a heartbeat. 

Ash 26:19 

It'll be a necessity, we'll find time even if there isn't time,

Elle 26:22 


Ash 26:24 

Even if we have to get up at super early in the morning, like, accidentally run into them like at breakfast.

Elle 26:31 

 It could happen. I mean, speaking of parent reactions, we actually have another story from jynxtsilevon. Their partner had a really interesting interaction with a child at a convention. My partner cosplays, Slender Man, and uses stilts to get extra height. A lot of people love his costume, but especially kids. My favorite instance was when a kid wanted to take pictures with him. But his mom didn't want him to get anywhere near she was terrified.


my partner had to take off his mask and smile at her before she'd let the kid take a picture. And we just couldn't stop laughing. 

Ash 27:21 

Oh, goodness,

Elle 27:24 

kids have sometimes the funniest reactions to quote unquote, scary costumes that I have ever seen. And this is a great example. 

Ash 27:37 

If they've never been socially conditioned to think that these things are scary, then they're just, you've got a larger than life person that's really, really tall. And that's really interesting and exciting. But if they've never been taught to be afraid of any of those types of costume elements that he happened to be wearing at the time, then it's not scary. It's just another person in a costume at a con. 

Elle 28:04 

Well, it was like, again, probably eighteen years ago, probably when I did Vampire Hunter D. Oh, yeah, we're gonna throw it way back. 

Ash 28:16 

So 2003.

Elle 28:20 

 I'll post a photo of this costume. This was a costume from forever ago that a friend of mine actually made for me because this was before I knew how to make anything. But once upon a time, we did a 21 person Vampire Hunter D group at Acen. Well, we'll talk about what happened with that at another time. But I had the opportunity to play the vampire, Countess Carmilla. And I had a lot of like back and forth interaction with a lot of people. But I distinctly remember this mom, and this little girl she was probably like, maybe between one and two years old. And all she wanted to do was like, come over by me. Like she just kept like, you know, have a little kids. They do the like grabby hands thing. 

Ash 29:10 


Elle 29:11 

Like she's doing grabby hands at me. And mom's just kind of like, What? 

Ash 29:17 

Well, to be fair, you're in this huge red velveteen dress with lots of shiny bits on it. Yes. So you are shiny and you are full of texture that would just make people want to reach out and touch. So I totally get the grabby hands 

Elle 29:33 

you would think though that like the little ones would be afraid of this costume but like this itty bitty wanted everything to do with being somewhere by me during this time 

Ash 29:46 

but not if they've never been conditioned to be afraid of your type of costume. 

Elle 29:51 

But it was one of those were like when you're dressed in a costume like that. You don't necessarily expect interactions with children. 

Ash 29:58 


Elle 29:59 

 because You are conditioned to understand that this is supposed to be a scary costume. 

Ash 30:04 


That's cute, though.

Elle 30:07 

It was really cute. 

Ash 30:09 

The one thing I will like, that I will say that I like about being a masquerade judge is that I get to have grabby hands. And now I get to touch things. 

Elle 30:21 

We have a bad habit. Like if you if you ever come and meet us, and you're like, in a handmade costume, there's a very good chance that we're going to ask permission to check out the details on your costume, because we just don't know how to not do it. 

Ash 30:37 

I love visual and physical texture. I am a sucker for it. So I will definitely ask you if I can touch your costume. And you can say no, it's okay. 

Elle 30:49 

Oh, yeah. And I mean, that goes in general, like even if you're in judging, if you're not comfortable with someone touching you, like you can flip your seams for them and that kind of stuff. 

Ash 30:59 

Yeah, we might ask you to do specific things. So we can still check all the places we need. But if you don't, physically, if you don't physically want us to touch you, but, but that's really cute. I enjoy that. I can definitely see the grabby hands when you're to think though, especially depending on how old she was. Most of the characters that she's probably used to that wear dresses of that shape are probably princesses.

Elle 31:21 

 And she does kind of look like a giant red princess gown if you don't know any better. 

Ash 31:27 

Right? If you get rid of the the evilness and the sharp teeth and the pointy,

Elle 31:32 

 sharp, pointy teeth. 

Ash 31:35 

Yup. If you get rid of the pointy bits, then I could see how once upon a time, people would think that

Elle 31:41 

 I just see this visual though of this guy like seven eight foot tall on stilts, and this teeny tiny child just staring up at them with a parent, like standing behind this kid being like, oh my god. 

Ash 31:55 

It's like Monsters Inc. 

Elle 31:57 

It is it is Monsters Inc is a great example how like if the parents were to see that, like the monsters, they would freak out. But all the kids are just like,Oh, hey, cool.

Ash 32:10 
 I know boos just like kitty. And so he's like,

Elle 32:15 

well, cuz she doesn't

know to be afraid of him. 

Ash 32:18 

She doesn't know to be afraid of him. And then Sully gets the warm and fuzzies and wants to protect her with all his heart. That's me. I'm Sully.

Elle 32:25 

I love that movie.

Ash 32:27 

Story number three. And I will attempt to say the screen name and I apologize profusely if I butcher it, but it is Floratitan. Floratitan we're gonna hope that I got one of those like at a 50/50 shot or not? We'll find out. But we'll put links in the comments like we said. So this happened a few years ago at a con but it's still one of my favorite cosplay memories. I was cosplaying as my Maria Posada from the book of life, which isn't very well known, but kids and adults usually get really excited if they've seen it. I was stopped by this family that was playing their little one around in a wagon. And the moment they saw me, the little one was standing up and wanting out of the wagon. Their parents told me that book of life was their favorite movie, and they were so excited to see me. We talked and twirled together for a bit before the parents reminded them of something. They walked over to the wagon to bring something over to show me for context. Maria Posada has a pet pig named chewy, and I was carrying a pig around with that day, the kid pulled out a stuffed pig and brought it over to me because we matched and wanted my pig to meet hers. I held it together until they left but I almost broke down crying over how cute it was. That is precious.

Elle 33:45 

So cute. 

Ash 33:47 

That is wholesome and yeah, they just they want to share everything with you. Harley wanted to be Elle's best friend forever and go jump on the trampoline

Elle 33:55 

 that and she wanted me to come to her house to play 

Ash 33:59 

So yes to play and that's just I love the magic. That's that's super sweet. 

Elle 34:05 

Well, and there's a joy regardless of age when you're wearing a less known characters, cosplay and somebody recognizes you.

Ash 34:16 

 That's one of my favorite things about Urd and Skuld honestly, is it's such an old anime at this point. And they're minor characters but whenever somebody goes, Oh my god, it's Oh my goddess, then it just makes me happy. And especially when we run into other oh my goddess cosplayers. It's like you're my people. 

Elle 34:36 

So oh my goddess about three sisters who are goddesses, so their past, present and future. And the middle sister Belldandy ends up getting into a situation where she basically is almost indebted to this young man named Keichi to not give away the whole story But her younger sister Skuld and her older sister Urd, are probably two characters that are absolute favorites to play. They are extreme opposites. So like Urd is very flirty, very kind of avant garde doesn't really care what other people think she's kind of just going to do her own thing. And then you have Skuld.

Ash 35:26 

 And Skuld is the youngest. And she's actually very mature in some ways for her age, as far as intellect go, and seriousness, but she is still a kid. So she does still tend to overreact at certain things. And doesn't necessarily think things all the way from start to finish before she says or does something. But they're complete opposites. And they're super fun to play against each other. And typically, if you see another cosplayer, it's probably going to be Belldandy so that just makes it even better, because then we have all three of us together. But it's a really good series, it actually originally ran for 26 years of publication in print for manga. So it's been around for a really long time. And I want to say they just ended it maybe five or six years ago. Finally, the manga run, but it's, it's a good one. So I definitely recommend reading it or watching it, if you get the chance.

Elle 36:24 

 I missed them, I think we need to bring them back.

Ash 36:26 

 I know, I need to make a new Skuld outfit. And I probably want to make the first one that I did over again, out of better materials. And you know, my current size. 

Elle 36:36 

Yeah, I haven't decided what Urd outfit I want to make if I want to make the blue dress again. Or if I want to do the purple one. But the blue dress sounds a lot more comfortable.

Ash 36:47 

 Could be

Elle 36:48 

 because she's got this blue dress that's kind of like a wrap dress, but then she has this purple like gown. And since it's completely open in the front, it's not the most comfortable costume to have to wear because you'll have to build like a corset structure to keep it in place and where the other dress is just kind of a wrap dress and seems a lot more comfy. So

Ash 37:10 

 I imagine that if we were to do one of the deep plunge would probably make it a lot like we made Beryl.

Elle 37:15 

 Oh, I was I was absolutely intending it to make it exactly like we did Beryl and make it into pl.. into pieces and the whole nine yards. But there is kind of that extra fun when you are costume matches the kids costume to

Ash 37:31 


Elle 37:33 

When you're like the exact same person. 

Ash 37:36 


Elle 37:37 

because kids get really excited when they see someone else dressed as their favorite character that they're dressed as, unlike some adults. 

Ash 37:47 

Yeah, I don't understand that with adults. Adults are weird. 

Elle 37:50 

Yeah, I don't really understand the whole like people getting upset when they see someone else dressed as the same character. Like my reaction would be like the little girls in this story where I would be super excited to see somebody else dressed as my character that I'm cosplaying as. 

Ash 38:07 

Right? Because I love this costume and I love this character so much that I wanted to cosplay as them and then obviously, you have your own reasons which might be that this is also your favorite character that you're cosplaying as. And we have that in common and we share the story together. But yeah, sometimes you'll get adults that are a little weird about it, and their dislike, territorial and get kind of pissy, which makes me sad. And I don't know if it's insecurities because they're worried about somebody else being quote unquote, better. But this is cosplay. There are no points in Hall cosplay.

Elle 38:40 

The emotional energy, like if I got upset every time I saw another Deku cosplayer,


Ash 38:48 

You'd never stopped being upset.

Elle 38:50 

 I would be so exhausted and I have 

Ash 38:54 

you would be Eyore,

Elle 38:55 

 yes, I would be Eyore and I have unfortunately had interactions with some younger Deku cosplayers where they're like, Oh, your Deku is so good. And mine's not in like if I had to tell him like no, yours is good, too. Like, just because they're different. Doesn't mean that one's better than the other one. 

Ash 39:13 


Elle 39:14 

They think that's the hard thing for some people is just because they're different. It doesn't mean that one is automatically better. It's just their different takes on the character and there's nothing 

Ash 39:24 

It just means that they're different. Yeah,

Elle 39:26 

 yeah. But boy I would be exhausted if I had to put out that much emotional energy and that much like anger. Like it's not worth it. I'd rather just get really excited every time I see another Deku cosplayer But then I also can't stop laughing every time a Deku cosplayer sees mama Midoriya. 

Ash 39:47 

That's because she is mom. 

Elle 39:48 

They get so excited about their mom or like that one time at colossal con where you took the photo with the Al Might.

Ash 39:56 

 That's like my favorite picture.

Elle 39:58 

 I'll post that too. 

Ash 40:00 

We ran into a Small Might in his suit. And he was like, spot on. And I was like, oh, like I need a picture with Al Might and he goes, it's my family. So I have a cute knee popping picture