Sh*t Cosplayers Say

Ep 1:Timeless Humor and A Refrigerator for My Skit

February 16, 2020 La Vie Cosplay Season 1 Episode 1
Sh*t Cosplayers Say
Ep 1:Timeless Humor and A Refrigerator for My Skit
Show Notes

Join Elle and Ashlyn on our maiden voyage into podcasting. Come hear our tales of 20 years in cosplay complete with live shows, mishaps, and a refrigerator for our skit….. for additional listening platforms
Mental & Physical Health Episodes:
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Ep 43: Crushing Con-Crunch (the science of procrastination)
Ep 37: Self Care Extraordinaire (self care tips for NT and ND persons)
Ep34: She Doesn't Even Go Here (Imposter Syndrome guests psych professors)
Ep26: Regina George (bullying and cosplay)

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