Shenanigans Cosplayers Say

Ep71: Colossalcon North 2022

November 27, 2022 La Vie Cosplay Season 3 Episode 71
Shenanigans Cosplayers Say
Ep71: Colossalcon North 2022
Show Notes

Join LVC on their adventures at Colossalcon North! Emcee shenanigans, contests, cheese, and WAH!

Crown Championships
US Representative:Pro of ProsandCons Cosplay
3rd place: Opiekun Studio  2nd Place: Jack of All Trades Vega (Latvia)
1st Place: Amazonian Cosplay (UK)

Art to Play Before Christmas Cosplay
#3 AUSTRALIA Kirilee Cosplay #2 CANADA Doll of
Doll Damage Cosplay 
Saty Moo Cosplay       

International Cosplay League
Solo: cerkl.creations  Duo: Royalrosecosplay  libracos
Cosplay World Masters Meow Meow Cosplay

The Contest Coordinator -
starfall cosplay 
Our intermission helpers
Lollipop-chan cosplay BB Design Cosplay Timeline Cosplay Thatsnicedeer
Your Judges
Laughing Rat Larire Cosplay Undead Toasty Aratia Tomb

The Winners
Best Prop - Courtney Hertman
Dream Team Mashup - Alex and James
Shining Star -
RubestyCos as Hatsune Miku
If It Can Go Wrong -
Angelbun Cosplays
Stab It Till Its Dead Award - Saphira
Golden Fridge -
Novice 3 - Saphira Cosplay  Novice 2
Candy Cat Cosplay Best novice - Steam Powered Hippie 
Journeyman 3 -
Vouey Journeyman 2 - C3 Cosplay and Awkward Lizzie Cosplay Best Journeyman - Sakurasunset Cosplay
Masters 3 -
Magi Cosplay Masters 2 - BB Design Cosplay  Best masters - Lollipop chan Cosplay 
Performance 3 - Candy Cat Cosplay  Performance 2 -
Otaqueens Best Performance - Dimitri Darling
Best In Show -
firacosplay ecnoftw cosplay for additional listening platforms