Shenanigans Cosplayers Say

Ep 65:C2E2 2022

August 28, 2022 La Vie Cosplay Season 3 Episode 65
Shenanigans Cosplayers Say
Ep 65:C2E2 2022
Show Notes

Join us for our adventures at C2E2 2022 along with information on not 1 but 3 international contests. We’ll chat about the live show, Crown Championships, WCS, Crunchyroll Hime Cup, Sheprop, and more.
People we ran into:
HDC Fabrications
Plexi Cosplay
Mpoppins cosplay
Casey Renae
Wig-wig Cosplay
SakuraSunset Cosplay
Ginoza Costuming
Downen Creative Studios
Learn about ICL and CWM Finals at:
Crown Championships Chicago Regional Qualifier
3rd Searin Cosplay -arya stark
2nd PaisleyandGlue -rococo winifred sandersen
Chicago Champion Pro of ProsandConsCosplay Love Nikki
Supercon Champion Avera Cosplay
NYCC Champion Kylander Kouture
ECCC Champion The Honest Cosplayer
US Champion Pro of ProsandCons Cosplay
C2E2 Cosplay Showcase
Judges Choice @joenotar23
Judges Choice @sharp.shot.efx
Judges Choice @scarredmewtwo
Best Group @ceekayecosplays @ava_leeigh
Best in Show @kobayashi_son
WCS Canada Prelims - 2023 Team AnnieMae
CRX Hime’s Cosplay Cup
Suncake Mooncake JC - Azurumi @azurumi 
Reagan Kathryn JC - Song and Dance Cosplay @subarucamui @airedail 
Papabear JC - Lutavia Cosplay
Maridah JC -  Carmilla Jo 
Best Construction Beginner: Ojiisans Cosplay @ojiisans
Best Performance Beginner: Lemon-Bar-Sauce @lemonbarcos
Best Innovation Beginner: Gamma Rae Cosplay @gammaraecosplay
Best Construction Intermediate: Faeliae Kitsune @faeliae.kitsune (Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid)
Best Performance Intermediate: Knovice Cosplay @knovicecosplay (Aelita from Code Lyoko)
Best Innovation Intermediate: Avner and Gih @avnergih (Akiza Izinski and Yusei Yudo from
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)
Best Construction Advanced: Sarcasm-Hime @sarcasm_hime (Snow White SINoALICE)
Best Performance Advanced: Rachsaysmer@rachsaysmer (Hilda from
Fire Emblem)
Best Innovation Advanced: Eli &Nicole @eliebberts @nicolebeetv (Sophie and Howl from
Howl's Moving Castle)
Best Individual - Jeyke @mundodajeyke Kiyohime from Onmyoji
Best Group- We Need Disguises @weneeddisguisescosplay Byleth & Roy Fire Emblem Three Houses / Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Rising Star - Chrissy Plays Dressup @chrissyplaysdressup Cure Summer from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure
Director’s Choice - Bird King Cosplay @bird__king Sakura - Card Captor Sakura
Above and Beyond Award (staff) - Luluko @lulukohime
Best in Show: Bambi Lashes Design @bambilashesdesign (Yae Miko from
Genshin Impact) - who also happens to be one of our judges for ICL
WCS Video Division
Grand Champion - Sweden
Second Place - Mexico
Third Place - Thailand
Holiday Matsuri  Award - Chile
Wig Awards (Arda Wigs Award) - Canada
Prop Making Award -India
Costuming Making Award (Brother Award) - France
Performance Award, Comedy Award - Thailand
Performance Award, Action Award - Indonesia
Performance Award, Dramatic Award - Demark
Sound Direction Award (Nagoya University of Arts Award) - Spain
Visual Direction Award (Tamakoshi Award) - Sweden
Alumni Award - China
WCS Stage Divisi for additional listening platforms