Shenanigans Cosplayers Say

Ep64: Anime Iowa 2022

July 31, 2022 La Vie Cosplay Season 3 Episode 64
Shenanigans Cosplayers Say
Ep64: Anime Iowa 2022
Show Notes

Join LVC on their journey to Anime Iowa 2022. Find out about the cosplay contest, adventures in emceeing, a full new live show, and BEES? 

Emcee Gift - Goff Cosplay

Laughing rat judges choice - Exhausted Cosplay as  Tartaglia from Genshin Impact

Michelle Judges Choice -Eh Fruit Tes Cosplay as Thanatos from Hades

Mimiru Judges Choice - Spook Parade as Purple Guy from Five Nights At Freddies 

Sementary Cosplay Presentation Award - Everdreams Creative as Saunder’s Vox, Vox Machina Critical Role

Strawberry Cosplay Presentation Award - Killer’s Cosplay 1950’s Wanda from Wanda Vision 


3  Twiga and Koneko as Jinx and Vi League of Legends 

2 Eunjiscosplay as Lisa from Genshin Impact

1 Kylee Cornwell as Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon 


3 Goblin Slayer couple from Goblin Slayer 

2 Delphinium Cosplay as Froslass from Pokemon

1 Bustlingbeecosplay as Lethe from Fire Emblem


3 Hamster Daydream as Princess Mononoke from Princess Mononoke

2 KKreations as Hannah Alexander Catra

1 CosmicRobin Cosplay as Kokomi from Genshin Impact

Best Performance Skit - Jillveon Cosplay as Beast Akira from Revue Starlight

Best performance Walk On - TyrannasaurusLex as Shera Princess of Power for additional listening platforms