Shenanigans Cosplayers Say

Ep53: Anime Milwaukee

February 27, 2022 La Vie Cosplay Season 3 Episode 53
Shenanigans Cosplayers Say
Ep53: Anime Milwaukee
Show Notes

Join LVC for the first episode of season 3! We'll take you through a journey both on site and virtually of our first judging appointment since covid at Anime Milwaukee. Hear about Elle's worst fear realized, a half virtual live show, and the hidden aspects of being a judge.  We also talk about what we look for in a WIP book, more tips in the judging room, our love for the novices, and more.

See below for everyone mentioned in this episode:
Starfall Cosplay (coordinator)
Best In Show - Nina London
Best Masters Laughing Rat
2nd Place Masters Thats Nice Deer
3rd Place Masters Facade Costuming

1st Place Journeyman: NoGirlfriendDueToCosplay
2nd Place Journeyman
3rd place Journeyman Voueyy

1st Place Novice: Ritzy
2nd Place Novice Galactic Elephant Live
3rd Place Novice Elizabeth

1st Place Performance Otaqueens
2nd Place Performance 2Gerv
3rd Place Performance Larire Cosplay

Judges Choice:
Elle's JC Material Girl, Elysian
Ash JC If It Can Go Wrong to Fraga
Papa Bear Cosplay JC to Randy
Nipah JC Cinema Ready to
Phil Mizuno JC to Not Your Average Nerd
AK wirru JC Repeat Till Cry to Spacey for additional listening platforms